January 2021 Boudoir Marathon | Washington DC Boudoir Photographer



Last month I shot back to back boudoir marathons for 10 incredible women and I really just can’t say enough about these events. While they’re a major labor of love for me, it’s always worth it. Watching my clients’ eyes light up when I show them the magic we’re creating on the back of my camera is absolutely priceless. And of course we had Kanika Styles on hair and Nikki Lemon on makeup who are not only stars of their industry but women I crave to be around. Overhearing the conversations that happen during hair + makeup while I’m shooting makes me feel so grateful for this work: there’s a lot of hooting and hollering and laughing but there are also conversations about relationships and body image and sexuality as well as career aspirations and motherhood. I always leave these events feeling exhausted in the most fulfilling and supportive way.

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