Honoring your body through Boudoir Photography

Honoring your body through Boudoir Photography

Whether you’re booking a boudoir session for yourself or as a gift for your partner

My goal is to create a safe space for you to honor and celebrate your body.

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Many of my clients reach out to me with some hesitation but I promise that every single one of them walks out of their session with confidence and love for themselves. From the very minute you book with me to the delivery of your gallery, I’ll be there to support you along the way. I’ll share with you my Boudoir Bible that will cover everything you need to prepare for your session from what to wear, where to shop, and how to feel your very best self in front of the camera.

During your session, I’ll model each pose for you and give you small prompts; I’ll also be cheering you on so that you feel supported and cared for the entire time. As someone who booked their own boudoir session a few years back, not only am I an expert behind the camera, I now know what it feels like to be on the other end of it, as well. I am confident that with the right preparation, I can help you look and feel better than you’ve ever felt in front of a camera, even in your underwear.




I began photographing boudoir more seriously about a half a decade ago after a particularly brutal wedding season. I was feeling completely burnt out from the constant hustle and pressure of being a luxury wedding photographer in a major city and desperately needed a change of pace. While I still photograph weddings here and there, I find boudoir to be soul-giving in a way that allows me to exercise my creativity and give back to the womxn in my community at the same time. 

Since then, I’ve worked hard to refine my unique style and to hone in on a client experience that gives womxn the opportunity to honor and empower themselves and their bodies.

And while I take my job as a boudoir photographer very seriously, it’s also a ton of fun. I’m your personal hype girl and your biggest fan leading up to, during, and long after your shoot. I believe that making connections with my clients and sharing an experience, like boudoir, makes me best prepared for the job. The minute you step into this space, I will do my very best to make you feel loved, strong and supported.

Our Team


The DCBP experience would be nothing without our wonderful team of hair and makeup stylists. It was important to me to include artists who not only know which styles will photograph best but ones who believe in enhancing a client’s innate beauty. Gone are the days of Shirley Temple curls and 80’s prom makeup. We promise an elevated look to match the luxury boudoir experience.

All Bodies are Beautiful Bodies

and I believe that boudoir is for everyonE

Oftentimes, womxn feel as though they need a different body or a partner to give them permission to experience boudoir.

I hear things like “when I lose the baby weight” or “once I’m engaged” but a boudoir session should be about honoring who you are, wherever you’re at in this stage of life. Your body is good today, it was good yesterday and will be good tomorrow. Boudoir is not only empowering but it’s disrupting and reshaping what we’ve been told to think about beauty, sexuality and self-care for most of our lives. While I can promise you beautiful images, the confidence you’ll embody after this experience will be unlike any other.

My Style

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Because I encourage my clients to honor their bodies as they are right now I use shadows in an intentional way to highlight what they love about it. We’re here to take up space and celebrate your body, not shrink it. The shadow play is also a nod to boudoir itself. A bright and airy style may fit for weddings but boudoir is all about exploring sexuality and the inner work.

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“I’m still over the moon about this experience. I’ve told anyone who will listen about how much positivity it has given me; it made me realize how easy it can be to move with confidence if you’re surrounded by the right people.”

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