The Canopy Hotel | Washington DC Maternity Boudoir Photography | Katelynne

Last week I shot my final boudoir session of 2020 for a beautiful mama-to-be at The Canopy Hotel in Washington DC. Maternity photography in any form, whether it’s a boudoir or lifestyle portrait session, is my favorite genre and subject to document. Celebrating your body at every stage in life is so important to the self-love journey and it makes me so happy to see women embrace this very special season of their lives.

There’s something so raw and intimate about boudoir maternity – it’s stripped down without feeling forced or inauthentic. It celebrates endurance, new life, and all that our bodies are capable of and it reminds us that our bodies can be ALL the things: feminine, desirable, strong, raw, sacred….

Boudoir can be whatever you want it to be – it can be pretty and soft or edgy and strong. It can be both and I never want my clients to feel like they have to choose. Our bodies and minds and who we are are ever evolving and I want your session to be a metaphor for that.

The DC Boudoir Photographer is a Washington DC based sister company of The Lauren Louise Wedding Collective. Whether you’re thinking about having a boudoir session done for yourself or as a gift for your partner, my main goal is to make you feel like empowered, sexy, and confident. Everyone goes into their session feeling a little apprehensive but I can assure you that everyone walks out feeling like Beyonce. From the minute you book with me to the last second of your shoot, I’ll be coaching you along the way: I’ll tell you where to shop for the best lingerie, what colors and textures photograph best, how to pose and how to look and feel confident in front of the camera. You’ll never feel like you have to ask me if you’re “doing it right” because I’ll be prompting you the entire time. Last year I even booked a boudoir session for myself so that I could understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera – I can totally relate and I am mega confident that you will look and feel better than you’ve ever felt in front of the camera, even in your underwear. Whether you’re booking a private session or a boudoir party for you and your friends, I can promise a bomb-ass experience that you’ll be raving about to all your friends – to find out more about what it’s like to work with me, fill out this contact form.